Welcome to Your Choice for Independent Financial Planning

Woita & Associates is an independent, financial services firm. What does this mean for our clients?

Independent: Woita & Associates is an independent financial planning firm. Rather than offering one brand of investments or insurance through the firm, the independence allows us to choose the most suitable products on the market no matter the brand or affiliation. This offers nearly unlimited investment choices and flexibility in how we advise each client on building a portfolio. Independence allows Woita & Associates to act in a completely objective and unbiased manner in recommending investment opportunities to our clients.

Fiduciary Standard: The word fiduciary is used to identify or describe someone who is entrusted to manage money or property for the benefit of another. In this case, fiduciary standard refers to our legal obligation and firm’s practice of putting clients’ best interests above our own individual interests or those of Woita & Associates. Financial Planning Firm: As a financial planning firm, Woita & Associates assists with any and all aspects of financial planning. Most individuals immediately think of retirement planning, and that is a large part of what we do. Financial planning, however, encompasses planning and analysis for any type of financial decision and the guidance and advice clients receive from Woita & Associates is designed to help you make any significant financial decision with confidence. We assist individuals with large buying or selling decisions, management of inheritance, navigating life changes such as divorce or death of a spouse, real estate investment considerations including homes or investment properties, college savings, saving for major purchases, risk analysis and insurance recommendations, business purchases or transition planning for buyers and sellers. As financial planners, Woita & Associates works with you to ensure that tax planning and estate planning are done in tandem with your financial plans.

Woita & Associates-- Your Lifelong Financial Planners

The goal of Woita & Associates is to build long term relationships with clients based upon trust. Trust is built over time as we earn it by providing customized objective guidance and advice to help you stay on track, no matter what stage of life, Woita & Associates is here to help.

We also understand that priorities can change. As life happens your goals may shift. Woita & Associates will help you develop a new plan or change the course of your current plan when you wish.

Woita & Associates-- Our Mission, Our Values, Our Vision

Because we want our clients to share the same values as we do, we feel that it is important for you to know what drives us.

Our Mission

Woita & Associates assists and guides individuals and businesses of character and integrity, to help them pursue their dreams and desires. We desire to inspire people to do the things that inspire them by building trust through healthy client-advisor relationships.

Our Values

We are in business to help our clients pursue their goals. We work to accomplish this for our clients with the utmost integrity and honesty, always placing your interests first.

Our Vision

We are inspired by our clients’ success and strive every day to be the best.

How is Woita & Associates compensated?

Woita & Associates is compensated for consulting services by recurring transparent client fees.

Inspirational Quote

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

- Benjamin Franklin