Your initial consultation with Woita & Associates is a no cost, no obligation discovery meeting. The primary objective of this meeting is to determine your ongoing planning and investment needs. We spend this time gathering information and listening to your particular situation. Only after we have gathered all the facts do we make recommendations and if you so choose, move to the implementation and monitoring process.

Why work with a financial planner?

If you, personally, specialize in anything, you easily recognize the difference between an experienced practitioner versus a novice. An experienced person, no matter the subject, can do things more effectively, more precisely, and complete far more complex projects much more quickly than an inexperienced individual. Woita & Associates Planners are very experienced specialists in the field of financial planning for individuals and businesses. Markets continue to become more complex and other factors such as increased longevity affect planning needs for investors of all ages.

Inspirational Quote

Of the 63 million wage and salaried women (age 21 to 64) working in the United States, just 44 percent participated in a retirement plan. Remember, even small amounts can earn interest and add up over time. - US Department of Labor

- US Department of Labor